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Attenzione Prostitute – Hilarious Road Sign

A little chuckle to end your week… A road sign only the Italians could bring us.  Something might be lost in translation, but I doubt it. via [jalopnik] Weekly Round-Up

In the grand American tradition of not working to hard on Friday brings you the weekly roundup. We know sometimes it can be difficult to click all those buttons to read the site every day of the week so not only do we offer you the option of having each weeks articles delivered directly to your […]

The Dangers of GPS, ‘The Simpsons’-Style

Let’s kick-off the week with something easy on the eyes and the brain, shall we? In this clip from a recent Simpsons episode, Homer drives the kids to school, but reminds us to never blindly follow anyone (especially a GPS).  Now, maybe if the system he used had real-time data connectivity (or if he had […]

How is this for Driver Distraction? [Caption Contest]

This might actually be more distracting than talking on your cell phone while eating, reading the paper and shaving. Leave your best caption for this picture in the comments! via [gizmodo] via [Black and WTF]

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