Welcome to inTELEMATICStoday.com… My name is Jeff Shariat and I’m glad to have you here.

I am a Project Manager and Business Analyst with over 8 years of professional experience and a lifetime passion for technology. I strive to be the type of Project / Product Manager that is capable of having a positive impact on any type of organization in almost any industry. Having worked in extremely large and extremely small companies on both the technical and business sides of projects, my varied background and education gives me the skills necessary to walk into a wide variety of situations, assess the situation on a number of levels, create a plan to resolve complex issues and, most importantly, the skill necessary to affect change and execute that plan quickly and effectively.

I author 2 blogs – www.inTELEMATICStoday.com and www.TechtoLiveBy.com. T2LB is a consumer publication that focuses on leveraging technology to make everyday life more easy, simple and efficient – something that I really enjoy. inTELEMATICStoday provides extensive coverage and opinion on the rapidly changing industry of in-vehicle electronics and telematics. In particular, my passion for integrating systems drives me to constantly research new technologies and develop novel solutions to common problems.

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