Twitter Chats and Digital Cars

Social media, particularly Twitter, is about listening, learning, sharing, and connecting with others.  In many cases, people with like interests form around specific topics, themes or ideas. Using hashtags (#), some people group conversations around a relevant topic and focus the discussion.

Many groups form and take the discussions further by establishing regularly timed twitter chats focused on their interests.  For example, there are twitter chats any day of the week around topics ranging from bloggers and social media to farming (#agchat) to dogs  to astrology (#astrochat) to Justin Beiber (#JBchat) – yes, Justin Beiber chats!

In general, there are some chats focused on cars (#carchat), but the continued innovation and integration of technology, transportation, consumer electronics and telecommunications and more still fragments some markets.

The convergence, innovation and integration of related industries like mobile phones, traffic, infotainment or wifi and the related new tools, devices, services and companies is inspiring.  The always-on connected vehicle is here to stay and yet continues to evolve.

In order to recognize the convergence and integration of these industries, we are starting a weekly chat using #digicar as our focus.  Short for digitalcars, it also includes the integration of ITS systems, telematics and innovation such as mobile apps.  Join a growing group to discuss relevant topics about the always-on connected vehicle.

We will pick one or two relevant topics per week and hope to encourage the community to share thoughts in the discussion.

The first session will be held on Oct 15 at 1:00 EST.  We plan to build and grow the discussion around weekly topics, such as telematics, traffic, ITS systems, GPS tools, distracted driving, wireless devices and more.

Our chats will be fed to another service that gathers our discussion. With the archive, anyone can return and review the discussions and possibly use for research, blogs or content.

As mobile phones and always-on connectivity advances within cars, our first topic will be around the growing integration of mobile phone apps and their use.

Our first topic of discussion will be:   What are some of the latest trends for integrating mobile apps into the car? Join us for our newly starting twitter chat Fridays at 1:00 EST! Always use the #digicar tag to focus the discussion.

How to prepare:

  • Join us for the first session on Oct 15 at 1:00 pm EST. And every Friday.
  • Always use the hashtag #digicar
  • Inform friends that you may have lots of tweets during the session
  • Have some blog links at the ready to feed quickly to the discussion.

What future topics interest you? We hope to hear from your regarding interesting topics but hope you join us as we ramp up.

Kevin Shannon


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