MyFord Touch Review From Mossberg

We’ve spent a lot of time covering Ford Sync and the upcoming MyFord Touch systems. Grandpa Mossberg had an opportunity to spend sometime with the new MyFord system and his thoughts can be summarized in two lines from the article.

The layout of most of the displays is clear and logical, and the voice-command system is still the best I’ve ever used in a car. But Ford’s new user interface has so many options and functions that I believe it presents a challenging learning curve.

Basically it sounds like there are interesting and useful features, but the usability leaves something to be desired.  As the number and variety of features offered increases the challenge to access them quickly and efficiently increases greatly. Ford uses multiple screens and voice controls to give users access, but that in itself adds a layer of complexity.  Screens need to be configured and preferences set so that everything functions the way that works best for the driver.

Mossberg seems to think its over complicated to the point that it’s probably best to do most of your learning in the driveway.  That’s probably not a bad idea, but it’s not a great sign for the not-so-tech-savvy crowd’s.  I don’t know what Ford’s plans for training new customers at dealerships is, but it seems like some required training during vehicle delivery might be very needed.

I’m hoping to get hands on with the system sometime soon, but for now click through for Mossberg’s complete article.  Don’t forget to poke around for lots of detailed information about Sync.

via [WSJ]

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