iPhone Most Popular Camera On Flickr, Can Cars Learn Something?

It’s no surprise that the iPhone is the most popular camera used to take pictures hosted on Flickr.  It’s probably the single most popular consumer device that has a camera, the quality has improved, and it’s connectivity as a phone allows it to upload directly to Flickr (rather than meaning to upload all those pictures and getting lazy about it).

The thing worth noting here is that a camera does not need to be top of the line to be useful to people and the ability to upload on-the-fly is key.  The car is such a mobile platform and ubiquitous part of daily life that it should have a camera and not just a wonky backup camera.

Cameras (internal and external) would offer all sorts of engaging applications.  With built-in geotagging and upload capabilities the car might even be able to rival the smart phone as a source of still images and video.

Cars will eventually have cameras for things like lane recognition, but there will definitely be more fun options than that.  What would you use a CarCam for?

via [holykaw] via [picturemore]

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