Driver Distraction Series Earns Pulitzer Prize

If you haven’t been keeping up with Matt Richtel’s New York Times series of articles on driver distraction now would probably be a good time to start.  The Pulitzer Prize committee (it’s a committee, right?) has awarded a Pulitzer Prize to:

Matt Richtel and members of The New York Times Staff for incisive work, in print and online, on the hazardous use of cell phones, computers and other devices while operating cars and trucks, stimulating widespread efforts to curb distracted driving.

The series of articles, a game, some videos and the timeline of cellular phones lays out a pretty strong case for the need to address driver distraction.

I’ve already written about some of the articles, but I couldn’t possible cover it all.  If you’re interested in learning more about driver distraction you should definitely start with, but after that the NYT Pulitzer Prize winning series probably isn’t a bad option either.

via [NYT]

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