Eric Schmidt Says, “Mobile Is The Future”

Google’s Eric Schmidt has been on the campaign trail for mobile technology for I don’t know how long.  His talk at Atmosphere (Google’s come-to-cloud-computing conference) was about mobile and the future of technology. He didn’t talk about it’s impact on automotive, but we will.

“We understand that the new rule is mobile first,” Schmidt said. “Mobile first in everything. Mobile first in terms of applications. Most first in terms of the way people use things. And it means … that we have a role now to inform, to educate through all these devices.”

Schmidt mentions education being a key element of the future of mobile and we previously talked about how kids and education can be wrapped into rear-seat entertainment systems.

Schmidt also said, “What is important now is to get the mobile architecture right. Because mobility will be the way you will provision in the future.  Fast forward 5-10 years. The answer should always be mobile.”

Generally the discussion has been about the mobile web and smartphones (etc), but there is an extremely important lesson to be learned by the automotive industry.  The framework that is established in the vehicle is the key to a successful system.  The architecture has to be something that is flexible enough to be customized, but more importantly it needs to be extend-able.  One of histories many lessons has to be that what consumers want now is not necessarily what they want in two years.  Future telematics platforms needs to be developed with this in mind.

The technology world as a whole is just beginning to embrace this mentality with smartphones, mobile web, cloud computing and the like. In my post ‘The App is the Future of Telematics‘ we discuss the app landscape of the automotive industry and how different companies are taking different approaches to solve the problem.

In the same conversation Schmidt said that there is no such thing as communication overload.  While that’s true when walking around (or sitting in a meeting) in the car driver distraction is a major issue.  It’s not a slam dunk that every app developed for the mobile world will translate to an automotive application.  In fact, most wont and it will take careful planning to modify existing implementations for the automotive world.

There is no doubt that mobile is the future.  Automotive is part of the ecosystem and the industry needs to actively manage it’s piece of the mobile marketplace.

For good measure, you can watch Eric Schmidt’s talk at Atmosphere below.

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