Rear-Seat Entertainment Sales to Double by 2015

iSuppli is forecasting that by 2015 worldwide sales of rear-seat entertainment systems will almost double their 2009 level (of 3.1 million units) reaching 5.6million units (with the US accounting for ~50%).

With the oncoming proliferation of apps and advanced connected applications the RSE market is a huge opportunity.  I’ve already spent some time talking about how kids could fit into telematics strategies and some of the potential for RSE systems.

Because RSE users are encumbered by all those silly driver safety laws they can become (and rapidly are becoming) rolling media centers / offices.

Toyota, meanwhile, has an RSE in its new 2011 Toyota Sienna minivan that features a 16.4-inch-wide screen drop-down LCD, a DVD player, a 100W AC 120V outlet, an auxiliary input for gaming systems or other devices, and an iPod interface.

At present, the largest display for an RSE system anywhere allows for a split-screen view when two sources have been activated. Next are the 10.2-inch screens—seen on the new 2011 Audi A8, and whose RSE system will include its own AMI, a 20Gbyte HDD, two SD card slots, a DVD player, a Human Machine Interface (HMI) and connectivity with the rest of the vehicle.

With the availability of mobile broadband, especially 3G-to-WiFi devices, that allow mobile connectivity for one or more passengers make streaming music / video, web browsing, email, on and on, so easily accessible that it’s hard to imagine a future for RSE that doesn’t include large touchscreens and connected apps.

via [isuppli]

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