App Downloads Will Near 6Billion in 2010

ABI Research reports they expect just under 6 billion mobile application downloads in 2010 (more than double 2009 volume).  To be clear, this is a forecast of downloads, not the total number of applications that will be available.  The iPhone is expected to continue leading the charge (> 3Billion downloads) by a large margin with the Android platform a not so close, still significant, second (< 1Billion downloads).

The iPhone has a huge hardware lead, but Android is rapidly being rolled out across many different handsets.

The forecast expects revenue from mobile app sales to decline by 2012 as a result of price competition, but I would still expect overall revenue to increase significantly as mobile advertising comes into its own in 2010 and beyond.

According to Vice President of Forecasting Jake Saunders, “As competition heats up, app makers are both dropping prices and ‘going free’ to stay on top of the download charts.”

The proliferation of handsets and the adoption and integration of these technologies into the vehicle will only serve to further increase the app market.  The future of revenues is probably not in selling the apps so much as advertising and other related revenue streams.

Advertising in the car continues to be a question mark.  How can you deliver ads to the vehicle without making the driver and passengers want to kill themselves unobtrusively?  While many many service providers are scrambling to figure out location based mobile advertising the paid app market will continue to fuel the smartphone movement.

via [abi research]

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