Making Foursquare Work for Business. Could Dealerships Learn Something? has 5 ways brands are using Foursquare to boost their business.

The article talks about how the Wynn Las Vegas, City of Chicago, Lucky Magazine, Tasti D-Lite, and Starbucks are using Foursquare to increase customer engagement, loyalty and satisfaction within the check-in and badges framework of the location based application.

Maybe this type of brand integration is the type of additional revenue stream that might help justify and speed up the adoption rates of OEMs.  Given that the car is how most of us enable our own mobility is the car the best opportunity for location based games / ads like Foursquare?

The city of Chicago’s approach of using badges and tips to inform visitors to restaurants, neighborhoods, parks, etc is intriguing as a smart phone application, but what about directly integrated into the vehicle navigation?  Starbucks use of Foursquare to reward frequent customers and gauge activity at locations is one model that will translate very closely to the relationship between customer and dealership.

I’m absolutely sure that OEM’s can use an app like Foursquare to engage customers visiting dealerships.  Not only to reward returning customers for an oil change, but also to connect with customers who are out shopping for a new car (and maybe check-in at multiple dealerships in the same day).

The opportunities are almost literally limitless…

via [mashable]

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