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Ford Sync Feature Spotlight: API and Apps (aka AppLink)

Update: Ford has announced the AppLink downloadable program which will be the in-vehicle application that manages the functionality discussed in this post.  It will be available first on the 2011 Ford Fiesta and will allow integration with Android and Blackberry apps. We’ve talked about the importance of apps in the future of the telematics landscape […]

Startups Serve Travelers with Phone Apps and Networking

Carpooling and Vanpooling Meets Facebook Meets Smart Phones Meets Paypal Meets eBay Startups are emerging and gaining traction to serve carpoolers, vanpoolers, fleets and transit networks by integrating many of the same innovative smart phone tools and apps, GPS and LBS services, social networking strategies and even payment systems.  With gas price fluctuations, congested roads, […] Weekly Round-Up

Check out what had to say this week… Apps and the Future of Telematics – Jeff Shariat comments on the growth of the application marketplace in smartphones and the importance of capitalizing on that trend for the future of telematics. Social Networking and Phone Apps Enable Smarter Carpooling – A great article by Kevin […]

Smart and Safe Automotive Electronics

George’s Blog takes a broad look at smart and safe automotive electronics. In fact, on average automobile manufacturers spend $2000 on electronic systems for every vehicle that comes off the line — in incredible increase from the $110-per-car budget of the early 1970s. This huge increase in spending is reflected in everything from engine […]

Challenges with Telematics Adoption

We’ve previously discussed some issues with the telematics business case and while its clear to many that the market is there someone does have to make the numbers work before any feature can be broadly adopted. On Telematics Update, Andrew Tolve highlights that CES this year marked the first time OEMs were perceived to be […]

INRIX 2009 National Traffic Scorecard

INRIX’s National Traffic Scored 2009 Annual Report provides year over year insight into traffic patterns nationally. The high level point is that traffic dropped 30% starting in late 2007, bottomed in Q2’09 and is on the rise again.  This pace of this rise though is driven in large part ‘by the pace of economic recovery […]

Social Networking and Phone Apps Enable Smarter Carpooling

While the installation of telematics systems for OEMs is here and growing, the use and integration of smart phones apps, GPS and location based services combined with social networking are creating opportunities beyond the OEMs. Startups are emerging and gaining traction to serve carpoolers, vanpoolers, fleets and buses by integrating many of the same innovative […]

The App is the Future of Telematics

For a long time the biggest problem with connected mobile applications has been the ‘connected’ part.  The mobile web has existed for many years, but only since the broad adoption of 3G has a true mobile web emerged. In fact, things aren’t really even about the mobile web anymore, it’s an almost antiquated concept.  With […]

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