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Roger Lanctot offers a great overview of what internet radio is and isn’t. We know that in-car connectivity is on the rise and streaming music will be one of the major uses of that bandwidth. Pandora seems to have the buzz right now, but it is not the only player.

The major music services are Slacker, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, iTunes and Napster. The major programming guides are RadioTimes, Reciva, vTuner and Radio Locator. The available Internet radio stations include: iHeartradio, RadioParadise and a host of individual and bundled stations ultimately encompassing the entire 65K stations available worldwide. Mobile radio apps include Flycast, Stitcher, Radiolicious, and WunderRadio amidst a long and growing list.

Lanctot highlights RadioTime BMW/Mini’s choice for a way to organize the streaming experience (including FM radio).

It is still early days in the Internet radio and music service business as far as automotive and mobile app implementations are concerned but there are already dozens of mobile applications available for nearly every mobile platform. For music services the business model revolves around subscriptions, paid downloads and advertising. The business models range from free (often with advertising) to paid (without advertising) and include sales of music and other access privileges such as caching or “skipping” songs.

With all the options out there (and not just for internet radio) organizing all the content and making it readily accessible to end users will need to be figured out long term.  Normally I would consider this a particularly daunting task for the automotive industry (and it is), but the proliferation advanced platforms is shortening development cycles and app marketplaces will offer multiple solutions for end users to choose from (just like with the smartphone market).

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