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In the grand American tradition of not working to hard on Friday brings you the weekly roundup. We know sometimes it can be difficult to click all those buttons to read the site every day of the week so not only do we offer you the option of having each weeks articles delivered directly to your mailbox, but we also offer this awesome summary of everything we had to say this week.

Now, sit back and enjoy a little reading before you take a long lunch and leave early… It is the weekend after all!

Survey: How would you use apps in the car? – We’re wondering how you use apps in the car and how you might use them in the future.  Check out our quick survey (less than 2 minutes) and let us know what you think!

Application Spotlight: – helps smartphone users find the perfect apps for them.  Soon telematics systems will be facing the same flood of apps and drivers will need the same type of help finding apps (not to mention OEMs needing help distributing them).

Location Awareness Keeps On Rolling – In his article on David Carr talks about the pervasiveness of location based services at South by Southwest. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and more have introduced location enabled apps or features and we are just at the leading edge of adoption among users.

Smartphones and Embedded Systems – Over at Telematics Update Andrew Tolve discusses, ‘The Smartphone: Friend or Foe of In-car Infotainment?” My take away from the article is that the answer is, it’s both…and I would tend to agree.

Bringing Telematics to Cars Without Them – Your ’97 Accord doesn’t have remote diagnostic reporting, geo-fencing, trip logging, yada, yada yada?  Well, for $200, now it can! Motolingo’s Motoriety is a system to bring telematics features to your older car’s OBDII port and represents a creative little bit of tech.

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