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Sister site has a post on, a recommendation engine for smartphone apps.

The number of apps available for the iPhone, Android OS and Blackberry is rapidly approach a combined 200,000. Wading through the sewage that constitute most apps to find that diamond in the rough can be a daunting task.  For some of us installing and deleting apps is a hobby, but most people don’t have the patience or desire to go through all that downloading and testing. is a recommendation engine for the app store of your choosing (WebOS is once again snubbed) and is intended to help you find just the right app for your needs.  By taking your indicated areas of interest and the apps you like and dislike (based on your ratings) AppSpace will recommend apps for you to try (along with the appropriate download links).

It’s a handy little system and while you’ll probably still have some trial and error in finding the perfect app for your tastes, AppSpace should definitely make the process easier.

The idea here is pretty straightforward even if the execution might not be.  The automotive industry will face a similar challenge.  As more and more apps become available for vehicle integration how will users sift through the thousands to find the ones that fit their desired experience the best?  Well, I’d bet that AppSpace will add some preference options for automotive apps (once the apps actually hit the market), but the providers will likely need to come up with their own ways to help the car buyer customize their experience effectively or less tech savvy users might be overwhelmed.

Ford Sync’s user-device-centric model may make it harder to recommend apps though I’d expect the respective app stores to create a category or tag (or the like) for automotive enabled apps.  Something more embedded in the vehicle like Continental’s AutoLinQ might offer greater opportunities for recommendations through the embedded system.  Either way, I believe that telematics offerings will need to support access to the respective app store in the vehicle and, in turn, will need to find creative ways to support the user experience (including OTA app downloads)

This video will do some explaining and you can click through to MakeUseOf for a writeup on the site and it’s features…

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