Weekly Round-Up

In the grand American tradition of not working to hard on Friday brings you the weekly roundup. We know sometimes it can be difficult to click all those buttons to read the site every day of the week so not only do we offer you the option of having each weeks articles delivered directly to your mailbox, but we also offer this awesome summary of everything we had to say this week.

Now, sit back and enjoy a little reading before you take a long lunch and leave early… It is the weekend after all!

Twitter, Now with Geo-Location – Twitter has announced the addition of a more significant tweet your location feature that allows users to add location information from their mobile device to their tweets and, most importantly, makes that information searchable for other users.

Telenav’s Top 10 Most Searched – The Telenav Blog posted top 10 usage statistics of their users and there are some noteworthy items.

Driving Distracted (with a badge?) – Matt Richtel at the The New York Times talks about the ever growing number of police, fire fighters, paramedics, etc that are weaving through traffic at high speeds while talking on a cell phone or radio and typing on a laptop or navigation system.

Application Spotlight: Waze – Waze is a turn-by-turn navigation platform with it’s roots in real-time user provided data

Application Spotlight: Aha Mobile – Aha Mobile will give you a customized traffic report, your facebook / twitter updates, yelp reviews and move all based on your preferences and location and delivered as audio through your device’s (phone or vehicle) speakers.

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