Telenav’s Top 10 Most Searched

The Telenav Blog posted top 10 usage statistics of their users and there are some noteworthy items…

Los Angeles tops the list of cities where users are more likely to use GPS to reroute around traffic which is in line with Inrix’s Traffic Scorecard which placed LA as the most congested city in 2009. ┬áLA was also the city where the most GPS searches occurred, but, strangely (to me anyway), Maryland and DC topped the list of areas where users most frequently used GPS navigation.

Users in the state of Maryland were the most frequent users of GPS guidance in the US, using it for twice as many trips per month than the national average.

All these searches add up to pretty good data about business and habits, but there are no big surprises… Walmart and Starbucks are the most searched business and Pizza and Chinese the most searched foods.

Click through to the Telenav Blog for the full writeup…

via [Telenav Blog]

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