Weekly Round-Up

In the grand American tradition of not working to hard on Friday brings you the weekly roundup. We know sometimes it can be difficult to click all those buttons to read the site every day of the week so not only do we offer you the option of having each weeks articles delivered directly to your mailbox, but we also offer this awesome summary of everything we had to say this week.

Now, sit back and enjoy a little reading before you take a long lunch and leave early… It is the weekend after all!

Startups Serve Travelers with Phone Apps and Networking — Kevin Shannon follows up last week post on social networking in the rideshare / carpool space with profiles of some of the leaders in the space.

Ford Sync Feature Spotlight: APIs and Apps — We take a look at Ford’s plans to open an API to the Sync system, the pros and cons, and some of the apps that will be available at launch.

TomTom Embraced Openness Once, Is It Time to Again? — Strategy Analytics Roger Lanctot talks about TomTom and some of the challenges and opportunities facing the PND market.

The NextGen of Telematics – brings us an overview of the telematics offerings from the major OEMs.

Ford Sync Feature Spotlight: Security – A closer look at some of the principles Ford employs to keep your vehicle, information and telematics system secure.

Google in Position to Control Mobile Future – Jagdish Rebello of iSuppli talks about how Google is using it’s classic strategy of giving things away for free to turn the mobile advertising and search markets to their favor.

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