Chrysler’s Connected Vehicle

Over at Automotive Electronics News John Day talks about Chrysler’s connected vehicle at the Chicago Auto Show.

Featuring FLO TV, Sirius Backseat TV, a media center, WiFi connectivity, and a bunch of screens it sounds like Chrysler is trying to answer back to the MyFord Touch system.  Chrysler’s system has some neat bells and whistles like a swiveling third row screen and the ability to stream different sources to different screens, but with all that hardware comes some significant cost.

In addition to the hardware cost there are connectivity costs associated with AutoNet Mobile’s wireless service.

Chrysler is delivering a number of technology options to their customers, but the added cost per feature is exactly the type of piece by piece pricing that Ford has managed to avoid for their infotainment / telematics system.

Click through for more details, but come back soon for a more detailed look at Chrysler’s Uconnect, Kia’s Uvo and much much more.

via [Automotive Electronics News]

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