‘What is Telematics?’ Infographic

Telematics Update (there is no byline so I can’t give a shout out to the creator) has a cool little interactive infographic explaining the different layers and categories of telematics.  It’s not meant to be exhaustive, but it does cover the basis of telematics pretty well.

From the  core of hardware and  providers to enabling technology and finally ‘the web’ telematics requires a lot of people to work together to integrate the systems to deliver services to the end user.  The need to partner and integrate is only increasing as cloud computing becomes the norm and OEMs move to bring web technologies into the vehicle.

Will it still probably be to complicated for the executive  you have to explain telematics to?  Probably, but that guy is a lost cause anyway.

What do you think about it?

via [Telematics Update]

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