NAVTEQ Doubles In-Vehicle Penetration (By Model) in 2009

NAVTEQ reported that in 2009 their total model availability doubled from 66 in 2008 to 133 continuing the 100% growth from 2007 to 2008.

That’s a pretty good growth curve though counting model availability is probably the least indicative way possible to count something in the automotive industry (obviously unit volume matters much more…I’ll see if I can come up with those numbers somehow).  Nonetheless, the automotive industry has notoriously long life cycles so no doubt NAVTEQ has been working hard for a long time to get the penetration they have.

By NAVTEQ’s count 43% of all North American models (145) offer ‘real-time traffic on a full screen navigation system’ and NAVTEQ is the supplier for 90% (133) of those models (that means they counted ~337 total models).  Whatever the percentages there is no doubt that’s a lot of units on the road and increasing everyday.

So, where do you get your maps?

via [@rogermud] via[NAVTEQ]

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