Telematics Update Conversation with Gary Gale, Dir of Engineering, Yahoo! Geo Technologies

Telematics Update spoke with the Director of Engineering for the Geo Technologies group at Yahoo!, Gary Gale.

Mr. Gale took a few moments to discuss the Geo Technologies group and his views on where technology is going.  In defining the GeoTech group he gave a great definition for what many location based service companies are trying to accomplish.

…knowing about people, places and things.

  • People: knowing where our users are to provide relevant services.
  • Places: knowing how people talk about place, formally and informally.
  • Things: knowing the geographic context of content, blogs, articles, feeds, status updates.

When asked which trends will impact the industry the most in the coming years he answered ‘Convergence, convergence, convergence’ and followed with an excellent snippet.

With location aware devices relentlessly converging, location is becoming ever more ubiquitous and is taking its rightful place as a key context for finally mining the elusive Long Tail.

Later in the discussion he goes on to emphasize the the concept of a separate web for mobile access is no longer the norm and that the future of in vehicle applications is ‘not through a dedicated onboard connection.’

I like the points raised by Mr. Gale and believe he does an excellent job of quickly laying out certain elements of the future of the location based services. Location aware devices are bridging the technology gap between the user and  the data itself and it is up to the providers to identify ways to leverage the available data to deliver useful services while creating new revenue streams for the provider.

Click through for the rest of the conversation.

via [Telematics Update]

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