LinkedIn Question: In-Car DVR, A good idea?

Q: From – Young Gi Song:

Car DVR, Is it good time to enter or already dead market?

I want to receive any feedback from you to decide to manufacture Car DVR.

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I’d say neither…and I’m not just trying to be difficult!

The use case for watching TV in the car isn’t exactly what it is at home… I’d say it’s more like watching on your computer. The opportunity for pre-recorded content in the vehicle is more in behind the scenes delivery and storage of content. That is, allowing the user to choose content (either in the car or from a standard website) to be downloaded to the car over time (whenever a connection is available) and made available for viewing when ready.

This could be from streaming sites like or from content management systems setup by OEMs (through content deals, essentially making their own This type of content can be delivered over numerous channels including satellite, Wi-Fi, and cellular 3G/4G. I believe this would provide the most value to the customer while most efficiently utilizing the available in vehicle bandwidth.

In addition to pre-recorded content my favorite ‘I wish this thing existed already’ is the in-vehicle Slingbox. The Slingbox is a device from SlingMedia that enables place-shifting. That is, it allows remote access to a live stream of your home TV content (including remote control of all features like scheduling, channel changing, etc). As Ford Sync has enabled Wi-Fi and USB cellular modems in the vehicle to take advantage of a users existing mobile broadband connection, the Sling technology would be the ultimate in leveraging a users main existing content stream (home satellite/cable tv) in the vehicle. Sling is already an established mobile technology and along with a healthy dose of buffering would be excellent in the car.

I’ve actually spoken with BizDev guys at SlingMedia about in-vehicle applications and they said that they have previously been approached by OEMs, but that’s all I got. I assume after they were acquired by Echostar their focus was on the recent line of products and not automotive applications, but with the growth of Ford Sync and in-car infotainment place-shifting technology will come back into the fold.

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