Ford Sync Feature Spotlight: HD Radio with iTunes Tagging

At CES this year Ford announced the first OEM HD Radio with iTunes Tagging (amongst a million other things).  Ford is continuing to squeeze new technologies into the car and the introduction of HD Radio adds to an already packed technology suite (i.e. standard AM/FM radio, satellite radio, and Bluetooth audio streaming).

Now if you hear a song you like, you can push the ‘TAG’ button and the system will store the metadata.  Up to 100 songs can be stored and transferred to a connected iPod.  Once the iPod is synced with iTunes the tagged songs will appear as a playlist allowing users to preview and purchase/download songs from the iTunes store.

This is a nice little feature for those people that use iPods the iTunes store (believe it or not, some us don’t use either).  I’m pretty sure this fact is a ‘feature’ of HD Radio and not explicitly Ford’s fault.   I’d like to see this ability expanded to USB drives and various other MP3 stores (e.g. Amazon).  It’s possible that in the future Ford will expand this capability or, even better, an application will be developed using the Ford Sync API to facilitate these transfers.  In fact, considering the Wi-Fi and mobile broadband support of the Sync system there is no reason that the vehicle itself shouldn’t be able to download the songs directly.

Ford is going to continue their push to make their vehicles an integrated media and connectivity hub.  So far they are doing a pretty impressive job.  Come back often for more feature spotlights (and the latest in the telematics landscape).

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