From TechtoLiveBy: Heat Index – 4 Technologies to Watch in 2010

Sister site highlights 4 consumer technologies to watch in 2010: 4G Wireless, 3D, GeoLocation,  and Google.

Of the 4 3D is the one that wont have any near term impact (if ever) on the automotive telematics market.

We’ve already discussed one way Google is shaping the future of real-time traffic and the additonal handsets being released and sold everyday are only making Google’s universe stronger.

Wireless 3G and 4G are enabling Google which in itself is further enabling additional geo-location technologies.  It always come backs to bandwidth (then money) and telematics are dependent on that pipe into the car.

While at CES I’ll be looking at these technologies and much more.  In particular I’ll be looking for the in-car solution that puts the power of the user experience back in the hands of the user.  THAT is the holy grail of user experience and we’ll discuss it more later.

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