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From TechtoLiveBy: Heat Index – 4 Technologies to Watch in 2010

Sister site highlights 4 consumer technologies to watch in 2010: 4G Wireless, 3D, GeoLocation,  and Google. Of the 4 3D is the one that wont have any near term impact (if ever) on the automotive telematics market. We’ve already discussed one way Google is shaping the future of real-time traffic and the additonal handsets […] is Headed to CES!

Wasn’t sure I’d make it, but I’m heading out tonight and will be there for the Mulally’s keynote. Can’t wait to link back up with some of my old colleagues and meet some new ones. See you there!

FCC to Discuss 700mhz Spectrum has noted that the FCC has added discussions of devices that interfere with the 700mhz spectrum to the Agenda for January. This is one of many meetings that will need to take place as the FCC works to establish the regulations necessary to govern the recently freed up bandwidth. If you don’t remember the […]

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