Big Week in Telematics – CTS + CES Will Be Important

It’s a big week in the world of telematics and electronics in general.  January 6th is the Consumer Telematics Show, a growing player in the industry drawing larger crowds and more leading experts each year.  Starting on the 7th is CES, the Consumer Electronics Show.  CES is the biggest consumer electronics show in the country and it is nothing short of geeks paradise.

This could be the biggest year for automotive telematics in the US ever and not just because most major OEMs are offering some significant telematics package (and Ford’s continued Ford Sync offerings), but also because 3g broadband cellular generally reached its critical mass in 2009 and 4g technology (WiMAX / LTE) are poised to begin their mass market growth in 2010.  The growth of open source operating systems, app stores, and readily available low cost consumer cellular devices (phones, smartphones, netbooks, etc) has brought new customer experiences to the forefront and the automotive telematics industry will have to understand these developments and grow accordingly.

This years CTS highlights conferences on:

  • Get to grips with the connected vehicle ecosystem and see why it is even more crucial to put the consumer in the centre!
  • Examine which carriers are striking alliances and gaining influence to see who you’ll need to partner with for ultimate market success
  • Gauge the smartphone’s impact on the consumer electronics industry to ensure your business is developing competitive solutions
  • Learn how to overcome cognitive loading concerns to ensure your business is providing dynamic, innovative and compliant solutions
  • Determine how operating systems will be managed and hear which apps will not only migrate to the car but will provide daily relevance
  • Understand how to leverage and integrate LBT within existing solutions to build and provide personalized and contextual content

Of particular interest should be the industry reactions to the explosion of the smartphone amongst non-business users, the discussions of the future of open development platform operating systems in the vehicle and thoughts on the evolution of the role of wireless carriers from pure carrier to hybrid wireless carrier / content providers.

The timing of CTS of is no accident.  With CES just around the corner (technically I think it’s up the street) the eyes of the electronic world are already on Las Vegas.  The crossover between automotive telematics and consumer electronics is far from subtle this year with Alan Mulally (Ford President and CEO) giving the opening keynote (undoubtedly with the intention of discussing Ford Sync extensively).

How will open software architecture play a role in the car?  How will manufacturers figure out ways to properly integrate with customers existing electronic lives (from social networking to e-mail)? How will wireless carriers revenue models evolve?  These and many questions will be discussed at CTS, but the customer base and consumer electronics that will drive those decisions will be demonstrated at CES.

Over the next nights and weeks will focus on the information most relevant to the domestic automotive telematics industry (from hardware and software to customer service and revenue models).  Check back often for updates!

Sister site will focus on all things consumer electronics related with a particular interest in elements of technology that integrate with people’s daily life.

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